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Please describe the event/activity you'd like to host in CCSH' facilities. Maximum attendance at any single event may not exceed 120 persons. (Required)
Wedding or Other Worship Event
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Please review the following information on availability of space and staff at CCSH. Personnel Fees are charged only for events and activities held by individuals and organizations that are not affiliated with CCSH. CCSH makes the final decision on the space in which your event may be held. Fees quoted are for non-CCSH Members for events lasting up to 4 hours; additional charges apply for more than 4 hours. The security deposit for use of the Fellowship Hall kitchen or for meetings is refundable if the kitchen or fellowship hall is cleaned properly after use. Individuals that are CCSH members should contact the CCSH office for the member discounted building use fee schedule.
What space in the building would you like to use for your event/activity? (Required)
Sanctuary Only $500
Fellowship Hall Only (includes kitchen) $500
Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall $900
Security Deposit for use of Fellowship Hall Kitchen $300
Fellowship Hall Meetings (90-Minute Maximum) $150
Security Deposit for Fellowship Hall Meetings $75
Building Use Insurance Rider (all events) $50
Personnel Fees: Personnel Fees quoted here are charged only to non-CCSH members for events lasting up to 4 hours; additional charges for more than 4 hours. Discounted CCSH Member Personnel fees are available from the CCSH office.
For Weddings, Funerals, Performances, Other Events & Activities
Clergy (for Weddings; Includes Pre-Marriage Counseling) $375
Musician (Organist/Pianist) - With Rehearsal $350
Musician (Organist/Pianist) - No Rehearsal $300
Musician (Organist/Pianist) - No Rehearsal $300
Soloist (3-Song Maximum) $275
Event Coordinator (required with weddings) With Rehearsal $250
CCSH Ministry Events & Activities ONLY
INDIVIDUALS AND OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS PLEASE SKIP THIS SECTION AND GO DIRECTLY TO SECTION 4. This section is to be completed ONLY BY CCSH Ministries and Auxiliaries for events/activities including worship, community service, fundraising, etc.
Please estimate the amount of money that you expect to generate through each source listed below as a result of your ministry event or activity. Please remember to add up the total ministry event/activity income at the end.
Ministry Event / Activity Start-Up Funds (raised or donated in advance by members of this CCSH Ministry, not provided from the CCSH general budget).
Ticket Sales / General Admission
Other Income (Anticipated free will offering, etc.)
Support to Advance CCSH Mission (Amount you plan for this Ministry Event / Activity to raise for CCSH - suggested amount is 25% of Ministry Event / Activity income).
Support for Ministry Hosting this Event (Amount you plan for this Ministry Event / Activity to raise for this CCSH Ministry - suggested amount is 25% of Ministry Event / Activity Income).
Speaker(s) - Honorarium, Travel, other expenses
Musicians/Artists or other Event Participants
Food, Supplies, Decor
Other Expenses
CCSH Ministry - Thank you for submitting your CCSH Building Use Application. Thank you CCSH Ministry, you have provided all necessary information. If you are completing this form for a CCSH Ministry, PLEASE SKIP SECTION 4 and go to SECTION 5. After you rea
(Individuals & Outside Organizations Only) Organization / Individual Information
Organization / Individual Name
This section is required for individuals (including CCSH members) or organizations that are NOT affiliated with the Congregational Church of South Hempstead UCC.
Organization / Individual Name
Name, & Title of Organization Official Completing This Form
Organization Official or Individual's Email Address
Organization or Individual's Mailing Address (City, State, Zip)
Individual or Organizational Contact's Cell Phone (If different from the cell phone provided above)
Organization Website or Facebook Page
What type of organization is it?
Civic/Community Organization
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