Love, Joy, Peace...
The Bereans

The Bereans were Jews located in Macedonia (Northern Greece), they were excited to hear Apostle Paul's preaching and they followed up after by searching the scriptures to find out if what he said lined up with scripture. That's a good goal for all Believers: Hear it, then check it with the scriptures, ask questions and talk about it. That's how we grow and become confident in Who and What we believe in.

We will review some bible basics as a refresher to some and new to others. Together, it will be helpful as we explore the scriptures with a clearer understanding of what the Spirit may be saying in the text and where we may see ourselves in it!


Do you attend bible study on Facebook or YouTube?
Based upon the three types of attitudes discussed toward the bible, which one do you most closely identify with?
(Your responses are completely anonymous. Your participation in the online response helps our discussion and is appreciated!)
How do you read the Bible?
How often do you read the Bible?
What is your favorite scripture that you know chapter and verse?
What can the Ministers at CCSH do to help your understanding of scriptures?
What commitment are you willing to make to grow in knowledge of the scriptures?
What can the Pastor and ministers do to help you grow and develop your personal Bible Study?
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